Will Cassella (.com)

For my honors senior thesis project at MSU, I built a game engine from scratch based on the requirements for a idea I had. The game is designed to be relaxing, it's not about killing enemies or solving puzzles, it's about exploring the environment and moving forward. Building the engine had a few challenges, including:

The engine is written entirely in C++, and the source code is availabe on Github under the MIT license. I did a brief presentation on its development, the slides are available below.

For an independent study I worked on during my junior year at MSU, I built a game with the game engine I had been working on since freshman year. It was designed to be a spoof on one of mechanics found in games like Unreal Tournament and Quake, where players acquire armor by picking up armor pieces (such as helmets). In Real Tournament every time the player picks up a helmet it gets added to a stack on their head, some of which may get knocked off if they walk under a low archway, reducing their overall armor. The game supports two-player competitive mode via split-screen. The full game and engine source code are available on Github.

Short game I built a few years ago for an honors course I took, it can be played here (Requires Unity web player).